Week 07.

Here are the doodles for this week and some bits of cool content to help you through working from home and being in quarantine. 🙂

Yes, I think we have to prepare for the new world that has arrived, instead of mourning the one we had before.

Last bit of content:

In order to stay sane and healthy during this working-from-home period you need a solid daily routine that includes: hard physical exercise (push ups, burpees, squats, jumping jacks, insanity, TRX, crossfit or boxing), some stretching5 minutes of meditation with the technique you want y and some journaling.

If you have roomies or you live with your family or partner, you can train and meditate together.

Thanks for reading.

See you next week.


Week 06.

Hello, there.

I have been very busy this days, with working from home, a couple of online courses I am creating for Linkedin Learning and taking care of my mom, my son, my friends and myself, and unfortunately just had time to pick 2 words to draw this week.

I hope you enjoy the doodles, and also I hope you are in good health. 🙂

Here we go.

Last bit of content:

Do you need a profile pic for your social networks, website or business card?
I can doodle it for you.

Ear candy: Tom Morello´s record: One Man Revolution. A very simple and beautiful album, just acoustic guitar + Tom´s voice.

A cool little Zine by Austin Kleon.


Week 05.

Hello, I hope quarantine and self isolation are treating you well.

Remember to have a healthy daily routine which includes some form of daily exercise, meditation, some stretching and daily doodling for at least 30 minutes. 😀

The act of drawing temporarily takes your mind out of the daily train of thoughts, which is a good thing, also allows you to release emotional charge and let go some stress.

But most importantly, drawing makes life more fun and more beautiful.

You do not have to be an acomplished artist to enjoy the benefits of drawing.

Ok, let´s go with this week´s words and doodles:


02. Contrasts.


Last bit of content:

Check out my friends at @songshanmx they have awesome online free Qi Gong, Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes.

Do you need a profile pic for your social networks, website or business card?
I can doodle it for you.

Also if you need some tips for drawing of need a drawing class for your kids, check out Wendy Macnaughton´s daily doodle class at Instagram. It is awesome.