Week 04.

We are in the middle of the COVID-19 or CoronaVirus Pandemic. Things can look very dark and heavy, but nothing is permanent, not even the doom and gloom, trust me.

In this hard times, we all can use a little humor to elevate the spirit.

Here we go.

The three words for this week are:




Last bit of content:

Do you need a profile pic for your social networks, website or business card?
I can doodle it for you.

A very good article by Derek Sivers about [Experiments on life]

A powerful tweet I read.


PD. I hope that we all find the peace and wisdom we need to go through whatever challenges we face.

Week 03.

Another week has gone by, I hope it was well spent.

Ok, let´s begin.

The first word of this week is: “Read”.

The text is a quote from Albert Einstein, taken from the book “The four hour workweek” written by Tim Ferriss.

Word #2: Chess.

And word #3 is: Hustle.

I think Seneca´s words apply on today´s world perfectly. What do you think?

Last bit of content:

An awesome tweet I read.

A “new” book I am re-reading.

And the coolest birthday card I´ve had so far.

Thank you for reading, see you next week.