Diamond mind.

My body is just a vessel or a vehicle to transit on earth.
This vessel is made from pure energy, and it is constantly receiving and releasing energy from the whole universe.
When my mind is blocked or obscured by hatred, fear, attachment, aversion or addiction I am less conscious of this constant flow of universal energy and I also can feel disconnected from other people, other beings and the whole universe, but that disconnection is not real, is just an illusion.
When my mind is clear and full of compassion, present moment awareness, loving kindness and generosity, I am fully conscious of this flow of energy and my primordial connection with all that exists.
That is the moment when I realize that my mind in its natural state is beautiful, indestructible, loving and infinite.
Just as your mind is too.
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Week 14.

This week I want you to join me into a little trip to memory lane.

“Caelus Inferno” was a comic book project that I had back in the year 1998.

At that time I was aspiring to have a career as a comic book artist and hanged out with a bunch of older kids that say to had the same dream as me.

We worked as an independent comic book collective,(I was inspired by the DIY ethic from the Punk Movement) we raised money to print our little magazines by ourselves. I was 18-19 years old at that time, and my friends were in their late twenties.

Most of them had a “good situation” at home, at least better than mine:
My father died when I was 18 and it took us, my mom and my sister, about 4 or 5 years to financially recover from the incident, when my dad died, we had no savings, we had no job or job experience, I was a college kid, with zero working abilities, so things got pretty tough.

Back to the comic, I was trying to write and draw a two or three part comic book, about Archangel Michael and a redeemed demon, called Lucifuge, teaming up to stop the end of the world, on the hands of Lucifer and his army of demons and hypnotized humans.

Pretty much a cliche, I know.

I thought I could develop the story after publishing the first issue, but never managed to raise enough money to publish the whole series.

A few days back, now on May 2020, (21 years after) I saw the movie “Stigmata” and suddenly I remembered this three characters that I used to draw and sketch, Mike (Archangel Michael), Lucifuge (the redeemed demon) and Lu (Lucifer).

After thinking it for a while, I decided to take the project and compress it in just a few pages and see what I can do today with the idea with my current style of drawing and a few hours.

And here is the result.

I really liked the process of closing this project that was on the back of my mind.

Of course, today I do not have the comic book artist career, I am not that good and lack the patience for the job, but things have turned out pretty well and I am happy with my doodles.

I am sure if my 20 year old version saw me today, he would be surprised of my current drawing style and by many of my decisions, but also he would be very, very happy.

Here is a picture my sister send me, it is from 1998. Luckily, lot of things have changed. 🙂

And here is a sneak peak of how this comic looked almost 20 years ago:

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Week 13.

Hello there. Another weekend arrives and I have new doodles for you.

This time my doodles have a touch of nostalgia.

I decided to dig up an old project of drawing doodles on some of the pictures I have taken in my trips and walks.

No comics this week, just weird and funny doodles over photos.

Hope you like them and I also hope you are in good health and staying sane. 🙂

Here we go.




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