Drawing Naked Ladies

When I was in college studying design and illustration, I sucked at drawing women, specially naked women.

A few years after, working as a professional illustrator, I had to draw some pieces for a lingerie brand, and it was a very, very difficult project for me.

Luckily, the client loved the images, but I had a bittersweet feeling about the project, I knew I had to improve the way I drew women.

Fast forward to March 2020, like many others, I began working from home and had some extra time in my hands, due to the COVID 19 Pandemic.

So I decided to dedicate some of that time to practice drawing naked women and here we are now,
with this little ebook called “Drawing Naked Ladies” with a small selection of the drawings I made from March 2020 to December 6 2021.

You can check and buy the ebook here.

Most of the women in this drawings are naked, hence the title, and some of the drawings are very sexual and explicit, something I had never drawn before, and wanted to explore.

I learned a lot of the women´s body anatomy and had a lot fo fun making this book and the drawings in it, I hope you enjoy them as well, and if you draw too, I hope my drawings inspire you to draw more.

You can check and buy the ebook here.

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