Why I love Newsletters?

  1. There is no algorithm to tell me what to see, what to read or what to hear
  2. The communication between all parties is open, intimate and equal, the crucial part for me in intimate
  3. You can take your time to create a Newsletter, you don’t have to rush to catch a trend or to create a trend
  4. You have total freedom to speak, write or draw about anything and everything you want, and you cannot do that on Facebook and it’s clones, just try to talk about antagonistic opinions on COVID-19 vaccines and see what happens
  5. A remix of the number 1: I decide what to read, see or hear, and also decide when to do it and how to do it
  6. The algorithm of the social media, is a part of Skynet, Fuck Skynet! 🙂

Thanks for reading.

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