Halloween Stories 2021

The Dog

Scottie was at the park, after two hours of knocking doors he had a pretty good stash of candies and treats. He was wearing his favorite costume, it was Halloween night.

As he was eating some of his candies,  he saw the bullies from his school.

They were picking on a little black dog.

Scottie was really afraid of those bullies, but he loved dogs, so he could not just sit there and do nothing.

Without hesitation he jumped, grabbed the dog in his arms and ran as fast as he could, away from the bullies.

Scottie ran, and ran, and ran, until he got home.

But there was a huge surprise waiting for him, the bullies instead of chasing him, decided to go to his house, and wait for him outside. Scottie´s mom even gave them some cookies and milk while they were waiting.

Scottie grabbed the dog and his bag tightly, closed his eyes and braced himself for the beating.

But something else happened, the little dog jumped from his arms and made a huge and deep roar as he transformed into a big black demon-like figure.

With it`s big red eyes it was staring at the bullies as it ripped off the bullies`s candy bags with a single blow. And with a deep voice it said: Leeeave, or I will eat your heads.

Of course the bullies ran away, and the demon turned itself into a man in front of Scottie`s eyes.

He approached the boy, and said in a cheerful way: My name is Genaro, thank`s for saving me kiddo…do you want to split the candy?

Scottie could not fully understand what just happened, but he knew he had just made a new friend.


I woke up before the alarm rang, very well rested, and with the feeling of having dreamt a lot.

I went to the kitchen and made an espresso, the coffee smelled delicious.

When I went for my phone I passed in front of the mirror and I almost fainted…

…The reflection I saw was me, but a little younger version of me, with perfect skin and a beautiful glow around me. 

Am I dead? What happened?

My thoughts were interrupted by a sudden blackout, I would say I fainted…but if that was the case, what happened next could not be possible.

My next memory is feeling a lot of pain, crying and not being able to talk…Shit! I think I am being born again.


Some people say Roy left his wife and son.

Some other people say he is just drinking whisky at a fishermen’s bar at another port.

Others say he died in a sea storm many years ago…

The story I know is a little different…

…Roy died for love, he died so his wife could live.

He died fighting his wife´s kidnapper.

And the fight took place in the sea, not in a boat, but into the sea.

How do I know this? Because I was there. 

Roy fought for me and my son…and in a way he won.

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