Halloween Stories 2022

Green Shaman

Carlos was in the jungle looking for some herbs for Don Juan, his teacher.

He was thinking about something don Juan said about the will of a shaman and his intent, something about being impecable with your thoughts, words and actions.

His thoughts were interrupted by a loud thunder, and something falling to the sky.

Carlos ran towards the spot, passed through the smoke cloud and saw a human laying inside a crater.

He looked strong but very hurt for the crash, he had gray hair and was wearing a green armor.

Carlos kneeled with the guy in the green armor and before Carlos could say or do anything, the guy in the green armor said: Take my ring, it will be a powerful ally for you in your path.

Carlos without understanding much, took the ring and immediately felt its energy filling his body and all the teachings about a shaman’s will and his intent, became crystal clear.

Carlos was the first Mexican shaman to be a Green Lantern.

Yan Wu And The Vampires

Yan Wu was riding his horse in the woods of Ukraine, it was getting late so he decided to stop and set up his camp, he was tired from a long day’s ride.

Later that night he was attacked by a gang of thieves, or so he thought.

Yan Wu fought them, with power and grace, after all, he was Shaolin monk.

But he was no match for their strength, they were vampires.

They drank his horse´s blood and made him a vampire.

Yan Wu stayed with the gang for a few months, until he understood his new condition.

Then he left, the other vampires did not take that decision well, but their Queen, had seen something special in Yan Wu, and ordered them to let him go in peace.

Yan Wu dedicated the next months to learn how to control the thirst of blood, this is just another kind of thirst, he thought, like the thirst of being born, or the thirst to experience the world, therefore it should be manageable. 

So, every night he would sit in meditation, to learn how to manage the thirst, to learn how to control his new body and how to free his mind from the vampire disease.

It is said that after 9 months, he indeed managed to control the thirst, he freed his mind from the vampire disease and became the first vampire to attain enlightenment and become a Buddha.

Publicado por juan silva

Consciencia Infinita / Psiconauta / Obrero de la ilustración / Entrenador de mentes en Linkedin Learning.

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