When I was 12 years old, I was presented to the punk movement and skateboarding by a couple of friends who lived near my house.

I fell in love with both things immediately.

But it was not the music what really hit me about the punk movement, it was the DIY philosophy and the fanzines.

Since those years I´ve had a long love relationship with editing zines and independent comics.

Later on in my life, thanks to Austin Kleon I´ve learned that there are Zines too, not just fanzines, the main difference, as I understand it, is that Zines have better printing quality than fanzines and are edited by professionals who love to create stuff in this format.

I think Blogs and Newsletter are the evolution of the Zines.

And that is why we are here.

Each week, I will be selecting some of my daily doodles, podcast episodes and cool tweets I read, to share them with you in the “Weekly Doodles” section of this website.

Hope you like the content and hope you stick around long enough to see this project flourish and grow.

The rest of the content of the site is in Spanish and it is mostly thought for my son to read it.

Thank you for your time.