Week 13.

Hello there. Another weekend arrives and I have new doodles for you.

This time my doodles have a touch of nostalgia.

I decided to dig up an old project of drawing doodles on some of the pictures I have taken in my trips and walks.

No comics this week, just weird and funny doodles over photos.

Hope you like them and I also hope you are in good health and staying sane. 🙂

Here we go.




Last bit of content:

A fanzine about imagination with a cool reflection, both from Austin Kleon.

An speaking of Austin, check out his cool desk.

A very good article from Derek Sivers about trying new things and letting go of things.

If you like my doodles, then you may like my new ebook “Random Doodles”.

Thank you for reading.


Week 12.

Hello! Another weekend has arrived and with it, new doodles and comics.

Things are still weird with the quarantine, but doodling always puts me in a good mood. Try it, it may have the same good effect on you.

Ok, enough intro, here are the doodles and comics for this week.





Last bit of content:

A very funny and honest biography of me, written by Bárbara, my partner in life. It is in Spanish.

I have a new ebook, called “Random Doodles” it is a selection of 6 months of daily doodles, check it out here.

A cool video about the idea of “Wu Wei” or “not doing” of Taoism. Nerd Moment: Oogway, the turtle kung fu master, from the movie “Kung Fu Panda”, represents this taoist principle.

Check Donald Marguilies´s collages at instagram. They are beautiful.

Last, but not least, I really wish you and those around you are well, healthy and loved.

Thanks for reading.


Week 11.

Hello and welcome to another week of doodles.

Still on Taoist mood and putting a dose of humor to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Hope you enjoy the doodles and hope you and your loved ones are safe and sound.

Here we go:



These are Lao Tsu´s words, from the Tao Te Ching, they can be interpreted as you need a solid basis in whatever you attempt to make, otherwise you will fall, this can apply to meditation, spiritual practice, a business, personal projects or even family and relationships.

The second frame, I think is very clear, if you want to get far, do not rush, that allows you to use all of your resources in a better way.

The third one, if your goal is to outshine someone (in any area of life) you will end up showing your worst to the world, that does not mean to attempt to be excellent, just don´t lose your grace while doing it.


More Lao Tsu´s words, this can be interpreted as: too much of information can overwhelm our senses and our mind, and can make us fall in a path of confusion and consumption, that will distract us from the really important things in life. I valuable lesson I think we need to learn as a civilization in this day and age.

Last bit of content:

A very good article about Tai Chi and its benefits.

A micro dose of Stoicism.

A video visit to the Louvre Museum.

Check out my new ebook it is called “Random Doodles”.

Thanks for reading, see you in week. 🙂