Week 12.

Hello! Another weekend has arrived and with it, new doodles and comics.

Things are still weird with the quarantine, but doodling always puts me in a good mood. Try it, it may have the same good effect on you.

Ok, enough intro, here are the doodles and comics for this week.





Last bit of content:

A very funny and honest biography of me, written by Bárbara, my partner in life. It is in Spanish.

I have a new ebook, called “Random Doodles” it is a selection of 6 months of daily doodles, check it out here.

A cool video about the idea of “Wu Wei” or “not doing” of Taoism. Nerd Moment: Oogway, the turtle kung fu master, from the movie “Kung Fu Panda”, represents this taoist principle.

Check Donald Marguilies´s collages at instagram. They are beautiful.

Last, but not least, I really wish you and those around you are well, healthy and loved.

Thanks for reading.


Week 08.

Hello! Here are the doodles for this week and some bits of cool content.

I have a new ebook! 49 pages of doodles, humor and cool ideas.

Use this link to check it out.

Last bit of content:

A poem I liked.

A very good reflection for this uncertain times.

A tweet I read, worth reflecting upon.

A cool radio show for the quarantine hosted by Henry Rollins, he also selected the music.

Do you need a profile pic for your social networks, website or business card?
I can doodle it for you.

A very cool song by Marianne Faithfull and Chris Spedding.

Another song with Marianne Faithful, this time with Metallica.

Week 07.

Here are the doodles for this week and some bits of cool content to help you through working from home and being in quarantine. 🙂

Yes, I think we have to prepare for the new world that has arrived, instead of mourning the one we had before.

Last bit of content:

In order to stay sane and healthy during this working-from-home period you need a solid daily routine that includes: hard physical exercise (push ups, burpees, squats, jumping jacks, insanity, TRX, crossfit or boxing), some stretching5 minutes of meditation with the technique you want y and some journaling.

If you have roomies or you live with your family or partner, you can train and meditate together.

Thanks for reading.

See you next week.