I think humanity desperately needed to stop and reconsider the choices we were making and the paths we were taking, both, as a civilization an as individuals.

We did not do that on our own, and now we are forced to do it.

I am not saying the COVID-19 Pandemic is a punishment, no, no, what I am saying is that this Pandemic is giving us the time and space to rethink the way we live our lives and to be more aware how deeply connected we all are, of course if we choose to do it.

This pandemic is our much needed winds of change, in the form of a hurricane.

We now have to take care of each other, we have to be more compassionate to each other and we have to learn to live with less options (at least for the moment) and, most important we can use this time to thrive and adapt to a new world, with a new mindset and new ways of doing things or we can be in grief for the world of our past and hope for it to comeback.

Choose wisely and stay safe.