Week 15.

Hello, it has been a busy week, glad it is over, so I can have some extra and needed rest.

Here are the doodles and comics for this week.


02. Mermaid.

03. Chair.

Last bit of content:

A cool song I discovered this week.

Check out my ebook “Random Doodles”, 49 pages of doodles, comics and cool ideas.

A cool illustration I found.

A cool collage from Austin Kleon.

Thanks for reaing.

I really hope this week´s zine finds you well and in a good mood.

Keep the heart open and happy and the brain full of good toughts.


Week 13.

Hello there. Another weekend arrives and I have new doodles for you.

This time my doodles have a touch of nostalgia.

I decided to dig up an old project of drawing doodles on some of the pictures I have taken in my trips and walks.

No comics this week, just weird and funny doodles over photos.

Hope you like them and I also hope you are in good health and staying sane. 🙂

Here we go.




Last bit of content:

A fanzine about imagination with a cool reflection, both from Austin Kleon.

An speaking of Austin, check out his cool desk.

A very good article from Derek Sivers about trying new things and letting go of things.

If you like my doodles, then you may like my new ebook “Random Doodles”.

Thank you for reading.