Week 16.

This week has been moving week, I am moving back to my mother´s apartment, the goal #1 is to be with her in this uncertain times and goal #2 is to save some money, she is not charging me any rent. Lucky me!

So, the theme for this week´s doodles is minimalism and moving to a new space and a new stage in life.




Ok that´s it for this week, I would love to stay and talk with you some more, but I have more moving related things to do, like order pizza and clean the mess.

See you next week.

Last bit of content:

“Your black friend”. An animated short.

I have a quarterly digital magazine, with doodles, digital journaling and cool ideas, check it out here.

A really good explantation of what Tai Chi is all about.

A very good documentary about Brussels Bike Messengers.

Thanks for reading.


Week 15.

Hello, it has been a busy week, glad it is over, so I can have some extra and needed rest.

Here are the doodles and comics for this week.


02. Mermaid.

03. Chair.

Last bit of content:

A cool song I discovered this week.

Check out my ebook “Random Doodles”, 49 pages of doodles, comics and cool ideas.

A cool illustration I found.

A cool collage from Austin Kleon.

Thanks for reaing.

I really hope this week´s zine finds you well and in a good mood.

Keep the heart open and happy and the brain full of good toughts.


Week 12.

Hello! Another weekend has arrived and with it, new doodles and comics.

Things are still weird with the quarantine, but doodling always puts me in a good mood. Try it, it may have the same good effect on you.

Ok, enough intro, here are the doodles and comics for this week.





Last bit of content:

A very funny and honest biography of me, written by Bárbara, my partner in life. It is in Spanish.

I have a new ebook, called “Random Doodles” it is a selection of 6 months of daily doodles, check it out here.

A cool video about the idea of “Wu Wei” or “not doing” of Taoism. Nerd Moment: Oogway, the turtle kung fu master, from the movie “Kung Fu Panda”, represents this taoist principle.

Check Donald Marguilies´s collages at instagram. They are beautiful.

Last, but not least, I really wish you and those around you are well, healthy and loved.

Thanks for reading.